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We welcome suggestions for resources in the following areas:

The positive and negative aspects of Hawai’i as a multilingual state.

How are we doing, how are we working with the multilingual multicultural populations here both to recognize and service diversity in terms of needs as well as maximize strengths and promoting the benefits diversity can bring to the state economically, educationally, and socially (or communally).

Areas of obvious benefits to multilingual and multicutural capacities both generally and in the state

Employment opportunities are probably being enhanced by the Seal of Biliteracy program in the HIDoE

State policy concerning how people seeking jobs can offer to use their additional language by making it clear on their employment application.

Areas of concern

Loss of economic opportunity when we do not have the (second) language personnel in place

To what extent IS our service industry (hospitality industry especially) multilingual so that appropriate services can be provided to our visitors (with associated economic benefit).

State of Hawaii employees have a list of contacts to call when faced with someone who has needs and cannot express themselves in English. So this is being done and used informally; this indicates need; it may be being done in a less-than-effective or evaluated way. A much more official and legitimated process is probably needed.

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