Under the general heading of “Outreach” we will group the plans we have for making the links between a UHM that is developing its own multilingual and multicultural attributes and identity, and elements of the Hawai‘i community which connect to, relate, and support that.

The signage project involved consultation with a range of people and offices on UHM campus. They in a sense constitute our first network. See the signage project page for a (to be developed) list of those involved.

In April 2019 we held an initial consultative meeting (using the “World Café” format), and invited participants from UHM departments to provide input on our ongoing projects (signage, certificates, and the virtual institute). Besides providing valuable content and suggestions, those who attended the meeting or sent representatives showed their interest in our vision and missions and constitute our next immediate network.

Summary of World Café Discussion Outcomes:

1) Signage

2) Undergraduate certificate in Multilingual Multicultural Practice

3) Graduate certificate

4) Virtual Institute