UH President Lassner has called for additional degrees and qualifications that are attractive to students. The unmet demand in the workforce for linguistic proficiency and multicultural competence demands attention in the form of undergraduate and graduate certificates, professional credentialing or licensure. The MLMC Strategic Initiative will propose two certificates.

Graduate Certificate (15 credits)

The Multilingual Multicultural Professional Practice Graduate Certificate (MMPP) is a 15-credit interdisciplinary program that educates and trains graduate students from various disciplines to exemplify multilingual multicultural awareness and understanding in their professional practices, and in collaboration with professionals from other disciplines. It is a joint partnership between the College of Education (COE). the College of Arts, Languages & Letters (CALL), and other UHM professional schools, such as the Law School, whose overarching goals are to promote social justice, equity, and sustainability. The certificate cultivates a strong sense of place, building upon Hawaiʻi’s unique cultures and languages, while also preparing graduates to be leaders in multilingualism, multiculturalism, and linguistic human rights. For more information, please click on link.

Students also have the option of adding the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board approved TESOL Licensure Add-a-Field to their existing Hawaiʻi state teaching license upon the successful completion of set coursework for the MMPP Graduate Certificate.

Undergraduate Certificate (15 credits)

The Multilingual Multicultural Perspectives Undergraduate Certificate will be a supplementary credential that pairs with undergraduate majors, signaling that these students have substantial formal understanding of multilingual multicultural matters, and are prepared to work in their professional areas or through further university study in this area. An Program proposal is under active consideration (August 2022).