About this UHM strategic initiative

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Hawai‘i has unique strengths among US states, in respect to its multilingual and multicultural nature. These strengths manifest themselves in the state’s commitment to peaceful co-existence, tolerance for diversity, and a shared valuing of communal well-being. The importance of robust social connection shown by these features of the state merits further attention, both through measured observation and through nurturing stewardship—particularly as we face 21st century challenges of unprecedented magnitude (e.g., migration brought on by climate change, disruption of community continuity, decline in residential stability, weakened intergenerational social ties, unequal access to essential services and the court system reflecting language and cultural differences, etc.).


The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) develops as a global (and local) leader in leveraging the multilingual and multicultural perspective as foundational to the pursuit of social harmony.


To connect and enhance UHM strengths as a multilingual and multicultural environment through collaborative curriculum development, interdisciplinary research, and community partnerships


The immediate context of this initiative is the group of Strategic Initiatives promoted to reflect desired developments at UHM (of which this is one), and an ongoing project to develop the State’s multilingual and multicultural employment-related capacities (Flagship Roadmap). See sidebar.