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Chinese University of Hong Kong – Summer Undergraduate Research Programme

Program Terms:

Summer Term


The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) provides an opportunity for international undergraduate students to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) during the summer. Students will conduct research under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member and earn three credits upon successful completion of the programme. (Source: Chinese University of Hong Kong 2017) 

Academic Details:

Students will be registered in a 3-credit course titled ‘Independent Research on International Studies II’ to conduct a research projectThere are 80 research topics offered by the CUHK host supervisors. Research and report are conducted in the English language.

Housing Details:

Housing is guaranteed on a shared room basis.


  • Sophomore standing
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA

Useful Links for Exchange Students:

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