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Outbound Students


This information is for UH Mānoa students interested in going abroad.

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Plan ahead for international exchange!

In your online MIX application, you will be asked to indicate the top five partner universities where you would like to be nominated. Use the links below to explore your options!

Browse by Country - There are MIX Partner Universities in over 20 countries!

Browse by Academic Area - In MIX by Major, check out universities that offer courses in your academic area. Talk to your academic advisor to discuss using transfer courses from abroad to satisfy your major, minor, and other degree requirements.

Browse Summer Programs - Spend a summer abroad at a one of UHM's partner universities.

Get MIX Advising - Email with your questions, or make an appointment to come talk to us! We're happy to help you plan. MIX Advising is held in QLC 206.

Eligibility: To go on international exchange, you should have sophomore standing and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher (some partner universities may consider students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher). If you have questions about your eligibility for a specific partner university, please email or visit us in QLC 206.

Apply to MIX


Application Opens
December 1

Application Deadline*
February 1

SPRING exchanges:

Application Opens
March 1

Application Deadline*
May 1

* Applying by the deadline will give you the best opportunity to be nominated for one of your selected programs. If you do not apply by the deadline, your application will be considered late. Late applications will be considered only on a case-by-case basis.

Summer/Fall/Year MIX Application


Before applying, please check here to see which programs still have spaces available:

**Note: You must be logged in to your UH Gmail Account in the same browser in order to access this online application.


**Note: You must be logged in to your UH Gmail Account in the same browser in order to access this online application.

After you Apply: Nomination

MIX will endeavor to notify students with a Nomination & Next Steps email within one month after the Application Deadline.

To be considered for nomination students must meet the eligibility requirements for their chosen program. Program participants must also demonstrate the ability to be successful overseas through evidence of maturity, motivation, flexibility, and other such characteristics as MIX may deem relevant or appropriate. Participation in any program is subject to approval by MIX and its partner institutions, which may grant or withhold such approval at their sole discretion.

Being nominated to a MIX Partner University means that you have been deemed qualified for one of the available exchange spaces at that university. MIX has officially nominated you to the Partner University, and provided some basic information about you (name, major, etc.).

Factors considered for MIX Nomination: GPA, short essay question responses, interview, academic area, class level, space available, and the balance between inbound and outbound exchange students at each partner university.

Please keep an open mind about your nomination. All MIX Partner Universities are excellent, so you will be in good hands no matter where you go.

MIX Summer Programs: Students planning to attend a summer program as a Regular Exchange student (paying UHM tuition) need to receive an official nomination to the Partner University before going on to Next Steps. Students planning to attend a summer program and pay Partner Tuition directly to the Partner University must wait to be "Selected" by the MIX Office before going on to Next Steps.

After Nomination: Next Steps & Secondary Application

Once you have been nominated to a MIX Partner University, you must complete that university's application process for exchange students, referred to as the "Secondary Application"

Important: Your Nomination & Next Steps email will contain detailed instructions on how and when to complete the secondary application process for your partner university. Please follow instructions carefully, and submit your application materials to the partner university on time! Let the MIX staff know if you need help.

Each university has a different application process - some have online applications, while others require you to send forms and documents in the mail. Some universities require letters of recommendation, while others do not. Many universities require official transcripts, ID photographs, health forms, etc.

A nomination is not a guarantee of acceptance into the partner university program. While it is generally not likely that you will be rejected by a partner university after nomination, please do NOT purchase airfare or make any non-refundable program-related expenditures until you have received your official acceptance notification from the partner university. MIX will not be held responsible for any financial losses in the case that you are not accepted into the program applied for.

Once you have been nominated to a MIX Partner University, please go to MIX Pre-Departure Information.









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