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International Partnerships

The University of Hawai'i at Mānoa partners with educational and research institutions all over the world, providing networking and exchange opportunities for students, faculty, and scholars. UH Mānoa has partnerships with upwards of 300 overseas institutions at the University, College, and Department levels.

Agreement Level Definitions

University Level Agreements are signed by the UHM Chancellor and his or her counterpart at the overseas institution. University-level agreements are general partnerships of collaboration, or partnerships that involve the exchange of students for one or two semesters (whereby students pay tuition at their home university but are exempt or partially exempt from paying tuition at the partner university). University-level Agreements are initiated and sponsored by one or more UHM academic units, and administered by Mānoa International Exchange (MIX). Qualified students from general university-level overseas partners may also be nominated to attend UHM for one or two semesters via the Hoakipa Scholarship Program.

College and Department Level Agreements are signed by the College/School Dean and/or Department Chair and their counterparts at the overseas institution. Such agreements may involve general collaboration, faculty and scholar exchanges, joint research or publications, and other aspects of collaboration. While they may also include short-term student visits, they may not involve tuition waivers or substantial commitments of university resources (unless funded directly by the academic unit). These agreements are administered by Colleges, Schools, and Departments, rather than by Mānoa International Exchange (MIX); proposal forms are not required to be submitted to MIX.


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UHM Faculty - Propose a new International Partner

To propose a new Department- or College-level agreement (signed by the Dean), please consult the appropriate department or college/school.

To propose a new University-level agreement (signed by the Chancellor), please use the form below. University-level agreements can be General, Hoakipa, or Student Exchange. Student exchange agreements are always based on reciprocity; there must be demonstrated interest from UHM students plus evidence that these students will benefit from the exchange. Questions about proposing a new international partnership? Contact MIX.

Partnership Proposal Form (Currently Under Revision) - Complete and submit the original form, including signatures, to MIX (QLC 206). This form is an internal UHM document that should be completed by UHM faculty, not by a representative from the potential partner university.

Partnership Renewal Form (Currently Under Revision) - If your academic unit has an agreement that is nearing expiration, please complete this form and submit it to MIX (QLC 206). This form is an internal UHM document that should be completed by UHM faculty, not by a representative from the partner university.