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Course Registration


How & When to Register for UHM Courses

Prepare for Course Registration - Please prepare for online registration by browsing UHM courses online at UHM Class Availability (click 'Details' for brief course descriptions and prerequisites).

How to Register for your Courses - All UHM students register for classes online through the UHM student portal, Click on "STAR GPS Registration" and log in with your UH username and password to begin the registration process. You will find detailed registration instructions in the UHM Registration Guide.

When to Register Online - Check the Registration Timetable to see when newly accepted students may register online. Students who have not begun to register online before the first day of classes will be required to pay a late registration fee. Any late fees due must be paid by the payment receipt deadline. Exchange students who begin registration online before their arrival at UHM must be sure to arrive in the US up to a week before classes begin to pass the Tuberculosis (TB) test at the University Health Services Center on campus. TB evaluation takes a minimum of 48 hours. Until that time, you will have a 'hold' on your student account preventing any further registration activity.

UH ID Card - After you have registered for at least one course at UHM, you are eligible to receive your UHM Identification Card. Get your ID Card at 212 Campus Center. All students must have their ID Card validated in order to get a bus pass or check out books from the library. Students who owe tuition or fees must pay their balance in full before their ID Card can be validated.

Tuition & Fees - Exchange students who have been nominated from a university that has a formal reciprocal Studen Exchange Agreement with UHM are exempt from paying UHM tuition and student fees. However, 'Course Fees' which are associated with particular courses and cover additional supplies, lab equipment, etc., are not included in the exchange exemption and will be the responsibility of the student. See here for a detailed explanation and listing of Course Fees.

Hoakipa Scholarship students are responsible for paying non-resident UHM tuition, less a 15% discount, plus all fees. Independent students from non-partner universities are responsible for paying regular non-resident tuition and fees to UHM. UHM tuition and fees should be paid by the published deadline, and can be paid online in the MyUH portal or at the UHM Cashier's Office (QLC 105). All exchange students are also responsible for paying their own travel, personal, and living expenses. Students living on-campus can pay their housing bill online in MyUH or at the UHM Cashier's Office (QLC 105).

Courses, Credits, and Restrictions

Course Numbering System - Undergraduate courses are numbered 100 - 499. Graduate courses are numbered 500-800. Find more details at Course Numbering System.

Course load - The minimum courseload for undergraduate students is 12 credits; the maximum is 19 credits. The minimum courseload for graduate students is 8 credits; the maximum is 16 credits. Most courses are 3 credits each.

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites/Restrictions - Please refer to the UHM Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisite requirements, and to the Class Availability website for courses that are restricted to major (indicated by "Restriction: College," etc.). If you want to register for a UHM course that has prerequisites or a restriction, a course override will be needed in order for you to register for the course online. You can request an override from the course instructor or the academic advisor in the department offering the course. See here for a detailed explanation of overrides and a template email to use for requesting them:

Override Request Instructions for MIX Students

Registration Waitlists - If a class you want to take is full, you may have the option to add yourself to an electronic waitlist. If you are on the waitlist and a space in the class becomes available for you, you will be notified via email and given a deadline to register for the class. If you miss the deadline, your seat will be given to the next person on the waitlist. More information about registration waitlists.

Academic areas unavailable to exchange students - Inbound exchange students are restricted from taking courses in Medicine, Law, Nursing, and Dental Hygiene. Graduate exchange students who want to take graduate level UHM courses in Note: Second Language Studies (SLS) should have a TOEFL score of 100+. Students who want to take Business courses should already have a good foundation in business at their home university, and a solid command of the English language.

Online Courses - A few online courses are offered at UHM. F-1 and J-1 students may enroll in online classes. But online class enrollment has certain restrictions that affect full-time enrollment requirements and student visa status in the U.S.

  • F-1 students may take a maximum of 3 online credit hours (usually 1 course) per semester to meet the minimum full-time enrollment requirement
  • J-1 students may not apply any online credit hours to meeting the minimum full-time enrollment requirement. Therefore, a J-1 student must first meet the minimum enrollment requirement with in-class credit hours before enrolling in any additional online classes
  • Questions? See a more detailed explanation here and please discuss with a MIX staff member.

Academic Advising

Department Sponsorship - Every inbound exchange student is sponsored by an academic department. You will be able to seek academic advising from this department. However, exchange students may register for classes outside of their sponsoring department. Most students prefer to take courses in a variety of different departments during their semester or year at UHM.

Advising Help - Your sponsoring department academic advisor—and MIX—will assist you with registration if necessary. Please remember that there is no guarantee that you will be able to enroll in the specific courses you have requested. It may be necessary for you to attend the first class meeting and talk with the instructor about getting permisison to enroll in the class. Note: Business classes are an exception - in order to get permission to enroll in a business class, MIX students should contact Ms. Rikki Mitsunaga in the Office of Student Academic Services (Shidler B-101) and NOT the instructor. A student should only attend a Business class if s/he is registered for the class.

English Language Institute (ELI) - If your TOEFL score is less than 100 (600), you must take the ELI Placement Test upon arrival at UHM. Please register for the placement test before your course registration date (if you do not register for the ELI Placement Test, a 'registration hold' will be placed on your account, preventing you from registering for classes). Based on the result of the placement test, you may be required to register for one, two, or three ELI classes (3 credits each). ELI courses count towards the 12-credit minimum. After taking the placement test, you can view their results online, and will meet personally with an ELI advisor to discuss which course(s) are right for you. You will then register for ELI courses online via the MyUH portal (find course CRNs at UHM Class Availability). Here is More information about ELI Credit.

Home University Advising - Exchange students are encouraged to be in contact with an academic advisor at your home university. This advisor can counsel you on how the courses you take at UHM will transfer back and how they can be used towards the degree requirements at your home university.

Attending UHM Summer Session

Before your Exchange: Inbound exchange students who want to participate in UHM Summer Session prior to their fall semester exchange will need immigration documents that reflect this. If you want to attend UHM Summer Session prior to your fall semester exchange, please email to let us know of your plans and to get further instructions. Exchange students do not get a tuition waiver for UHM Summer Sessions - all participants must pay the Summer Sessions tuition and fees.

After your Exchange: Please see an ISS Advisor before your visa expires to request an extension of your program of study. You may be required to show proof of registration in Summer Session courses before your program extension will be granted. Exchange students do not get a tuition exemption for UHM Summer Sessions - all participants must pay the Summer Sessions tuition and fees.