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UHM is pleased to offer the Hoakipa Scholarship Program to international universities that wish to send non-degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students to UHM for one or two semesters of study.

“Hoakipa” is a Hawaiian word for “visitor” (“Hoa” is “friend” and “kipa” is “to visit”).

The program is administered by Mānoa International Exchange (MIX) and enables UHMa to accept a significantly larger number of non-degree-seeking international students than we currently accept through our traditional reciprocal student exchanges.

  • Hoakipa students will have all of the rights and privileges afforded to reciprocal exchange students.
  • Hoakipa students will receive a 15% tuition scholarship that will reduce the non-resident tuition they will pay. View UHM non-resident tuition here.

Additionally, Hoakipa students will be responsible for covering their own international travel, housing, meals, books & supplies, and personal and study-related expenses for the duration of their stay at UHM. View costs of attendance estimates here.

Hoakipa students will apply to Mānoa International Exchange by the published application deadline.

Undergraduate applications will be processed by the Office of Admissions; graduate applications will be processed by Graduate Admissions.

On-campus housing for non-degree-seeking international students is limited during the fall semester but widely available during the spring semester; off-campus housing options are plentiful year-round. For more information on housing options, please navigate to the Housing section of the MIX website.


Students from all UH Mānoa partner universities who are not already applying as Reciprocal Exchange students are eligible for the Hoakipa Scholarship. Students receiving full external scholarship support, however, may not be eligible.

View a list of current UHM Partner Universities 

For more information or to inquire about becoming a Hoakipa Scholarship Program partner university, please contact Mānoa International Exchange at We welcome your inquiries.

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