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MIX International Coffee Hour

On Fridays, MIX Peer Advisors host the MIX International Coffee Hour at QLC 412 from 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm (see Event Calendar to confirm dates/times). If you’re just curious about studying abroad or you’re already well into the planning and application stages, the International Coffee Hour is a great place to meet with international exchange students who are here at UHM from our partner universities abroad as well as our UHM returnee exchange students who have been abroad and are eager to share their experiences. All UHM students, faculty, and staff are welcome at the International Coffee Hour. MIX Peer Advisors are also on hand to answer any questions you might have. Coffee, tea, juice and light refreshments are typically provided. We hope to see you there!

MIX Peer Advising

If you’re still in the exploratory stages of planning your study abroad experience with MIX, one of the best ways to gather more information is to come speak with one of our MIX Peer Advisors, each of whom are recent returnees from MIX programs and are eager to share their experiences with prospective participants.

When you meet with a MIX Peer Advisor, they can:

– Assist you with gathering information about your various options

– Provide advice about what to consider when selecting programs

– Help you navigate the MIX website, application, and post-nomination processes

– Give you tips on how to prepare for a study abroad experience

– Refer you to additional resources

– Schedule a meeting for you with a MIX Staff Advisor

Send an email to the MIX Peer Advisors at to ask a specific question or make an appointment to meet with one of them.

Weekly MIX Table at QLC Lanai

Drop-ins advising is also welcome at MIX Tabling, held several times each week on the front QLC lanai (check our calendar for details). Come grab a free cup of coffee (bringing your own mug is appreciated!) and learn more about how to get started on your journey with MIX!

Application Workshops

MIX Peer Advisors will host workshops on key study abroad topics. Workshops will be held at QLC on most dates and are generally 30 to 45 minutes long. Please check our Event Calendar to see when these workshops will be held and the topics that will be covered.

Class & Student Organization Visits

Interested in sharing MIX opportunities with your class or organization? Our team of Peer Advisors is happy to pay a visit to your your next class or organization meeting to talk briefly about the education abroad opportunities we offer. To set up a visit by our MIX team, email our Peer Advisors at

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