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Developing an International Agreement

The University of Hawai’i at Mānoa partners with educational and research institutions all over the world, providing international opportunities for students, faculty, and scholars. For a detailed outline of UHM procedures for establishing various types of international agreements, please consult the International Agreements page on the OGE website.

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Agreements Coordinated by MIX

The MIX Office is primarily responsible for two types of agreements:

  • International Student Exchange (MOA) – A bilateral agreement that enables the exchange of students with a partner institution on a tuition-waiver basis for one or two semesters of study.
  • Hoakipa Scholars Program (MOA) – A unilateral agreement that enables students from partner institutions to receive a tuition discount to study at UHM for one or two semesters of study; it does not enable UHM students to study at the partner institution. More details here.

Establishing an International Student Exchange Partnership

To propose a new student exchange partnership, please complete the MIX Student Exchange Agreement Proposal Form and send it to the MIX Office (QLC 206) or send a scanned signed copy to Student exchange agreements are entered into in the spirit of reciprocity. Thus, there must be demonstrated interest from UHM students as well as evidence that students will benefit from the establishment of a new exchange partnership.

The proposal will be reviewed by the Manoa International Exchange Advisory Committee. If the proposal is approved, the MIX Office, with the assistance of the proposing unit, will contact the partner institution to begin negotiating the terms of the agreement. Agreements should not be negotiated with prospective partners until the proposal has been received and approved.

Establishing a Hoakipa Scholars Program Partnership

A proposal form is not necessary for this type of agreement. If you would like to establish a Hoakipa Scholars Program agreement, please contact us at for more details.

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