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About Mānoa International Exchange

UH Mānoa International Exchange (MIX) is one of the many ways the University demonstrates its commitment to international education and understanding. MIX provides opportunities for UHM undergraduate and graduate students to study overseas and also allows students from overseas universities to study at UHM. Exchange study may be for one or two semesters.

MIX enables UHM students to go abroad and experience other cultures in safe and supportive environments, and enables international students to immerse themselves in the cultural and academic community of the campus and of Hawai'i. UH Mānoa offers a place and a time where students can truly "mix" in every sense of the word. Students going to other countries or coming to Hawai'i are vital to the diversity that Mānoa offers. Our campus and global community are strengthened by the experiences, ideas, friendships and networks formed by our exchange students.

International Agreements

Academic units on the UHM campus, with the assistance of the MIX staff, maintain and support international agreements with universities around the world. A General, Hoakipa, or Student Exchange agreement with an overseas university can be proposed by any of the academic units on the UHM campus. Student exchange agreements are always based on reciprocity, so the UHM academic unit must confirm that UHM students are interested in going abroad and that these students will benefit from the exchange. More information on International Agreements for UHM faculty.


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