Time to Degree

Time-to-Degree (or Time-to-Completion) measures the length of time students take to finish a degree. At the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, undergraduate Time-to-Degree is reported separately for first-time full-time students and transfer students. Click on the following Analysis Brief to learn more about how Undergraduate Time-to-Degree is calculated and get multiple years of Time-to-Degree statistics for first-time and transfer undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Time-to-Degree Brief

First-time Full-Time Freshmen

To better understand the time students take to finish an undergraduate degree, it is preferred to look at degrees conferred to students who started at the institution as first-time full-time freshmen. Transfer students, who can enter with different amounts of transfer credits, are excluded, allowing a more reliable apples-to-apples comparison across years.
Transfer Students

Transfer students’ time-to-degree is tracked at different educational levels, based on the number of credits transferred in. Transfers are also divided by first semester course load (full- or part-time) to allow comparable statistics.