FSSE-G, Spring 2015 Administration


What is the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement for Graduate Student Instructors (FSSE-G)? FSSE-G has been designed to study graduate instructors’ perceptions of engagement with teaching, professional development, and institutional resources. It is a vital component of the most important student survey in higher education:  the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

Who is invited to participate in FSSE-G? At UH Mānoa, a number of graduate student instructors are being invited to complete the survey. An invitation message is being emailed by University Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman to each potential participant.

How do I complete the survey? Graduate student instructors should search their Hawaii.edu email account for the keyword “FSSE-G” on or after April 7. If you are included in the survey sample, you will have received an email invitation from Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman containing a link to complete the survey online. Please also check your spam folder, just in case it has been filtered out of your inbox.

What is the survey administration period? The survey administration period begins April 7, with the final invitation to participate going out April 23.

Why should I take part? There is a need to learn more about the experiences of graduate students who teach. FSSE-G has been designed to capture graduate instructors’ perceptions of engagement with teaching, professional development, and institutional resources. The purpose of FSSE-G is to provide actionable information to institutions concerned with how graduate student instructors contribute to undergraduate education.

How long will it take? The online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Am I obliged to complete the survey? Completion of the survey is entirely voluntary, and there will be no consequences for those who do not take part.

Will my responses be kept anonymous? Yes, your responses will remain anonymous to UH Mānoa.

How can I find out more about FSSE-G and how past results have been used? You can check out the FSSE website.

What does FSSE-G Questionnaire look like? You can check it out here.