Imi Ho`ola

The Imi Ho`ola Post-Baccalaureate Program is dedicated to improving health care in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Basin by increasing the number of physicians through a 12-month educational program that addresses disadvantaged students’ academic and social-emotional needs. Imi Ho‘ola’s goal is to support diversity of the physician workforce and produce physicians who demonstrate a strong commitment to practice in under served communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific.

Each year, up to 12 students from economic, social, and/or educational disadvantaged backgrounds are selected to participate in the post-baccalaureate program. Applicants to the Imi Ho`ola program have diverse backgrounds and are motivated to overcome challenges that have prevented them from achieving their academic potential. Although Imi Ho‘ola is not limited to persons of Hawaiian, Filipino, Samoan, Chamorro, or Micronesian descent, a large number of these students have demonstrated that they are from a disadvantaged backgrounds. The curriculum emphasizes the integration of concepts and principles in the sciences and humanities and further develops communication and learning skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students enter JABSOM as first-year medical students.

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