Taking HVAC to the Cloud

Commercial HVAC systems provide a large pool of untapped variable energy resources that could potentially be used for grid stabilization when managed in an efficient and smart manner. 

The Challenge

The modern power grid is making a transition from the traditional vertically integrated utility structures to distributed systems as we begin to integrate higher penetrations of renewable energy generation. These sources of energy are often diffusely distributed and intermittent by nature. These features introduce problems in grid stability and efficiency which lead to limitations on the amount of these resources which can be effectively added to the grid.

The Solution

One of the strategies to mitigate these effects is to exert control over loads in order to let the energy demand respond to the available generation (demand response). This IoT device implements demand response through the optimization of control parameters in chilled water valves in large building HVAC systems. Load on the main building chiller can be shifted by making strategic changes through the valve actuators that control the flow of chilled water.

Featured Photos

Thermostat Control Unit

Research team in the lab

Communication Gateway

Device Suite with Gateway and Controller

VIP team assembling units in the research lab

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