Secure Communications between IoT Devices

Creating new ways for securing information in the age of increasing digital communication

The Challenge

More and more products that we use in our daily lives are becoming connected to the internet, a growing sector called the “Internet of Things”, or IoT, sector. Items like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home are examples of IoT devices that use the internet to help you organize your life and can even place online orders for you. This increase in automated communication through smaller, low-power devices means that more personal information is at risk. Things like credit card information and passwords can be stolen if the communications of these devices on the internet is not secure enough.

The Solution

Cybersecurity cyphers have been used as a way of securing information on the internet. However, these cyphers are usually computationally expensive and cannot be implemented on these type of IoT devices. The REDLab is developing a hybrid cypher that can be implemented on devices that traditionally were not built with cybersecurity in mind. This way, we can secure the communication of information while still retaining the same level of convenience.

Featured Photos

Original message (top), Encrypted message (middle), and decrypted message (bottom).

Bi-directional communication between devices

SCADA Control & Security Overview

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