Eyes of the Heart: Selected Plays
Catherine Filloux

Series Editor Frank Stewart

Eyes of the Heart features six plays by Catherine Filloux: Silence of God, Selma '65, Mary and Myra, Kidnap Road, Lemkin's House, and Eyes of the Heart. Often focusing on historical figures, Filloux’s plays explore such key issues as civil and human rights, genocide, social injustice, and the challenges of living a moral and ethical life in times of crisis.

Filloux has been writing plays about human rights and social justice for twenty-five years. In addition to giving readings and workshops, and overseeing productions of her plays around the world, she has been a spokesperson for the value of theater as a force for social change.

She explains, “I see myself as a witness in my theater work. In terms of theatrical language, I like to design a kind of poetry, which lives and breathes through action and characters onstage...I believe theater as an art form exists every time differently—it lives and breathes in a community...And for me, theater pieces are prisms, which cast different lights for each audience member: everyone imagines and interprets the plays differently, which allows a shared personal experience.”

The illustrations in this volume are by Camille Assaf, a French and American costume designer for theater, dance, opera, and film, as well as lead design editor at Chance, a photography magazine that views the world through the lens of theatrical design. Assaf has collaborated with Filloux since 2004.

Silence of God and Eyes of the Heart explore the consequences of the Khmer Rouge genocide. In preparing these plays, Filloux visited and worked in Cambodia, and met with Cambodian refugees in New York. She wondered what it would be like to sit in the same room with Pol Pot, to ask him what could have compelled him to carry out the murder of millions of his own people.

Selma ’65, a one-person play, presents the last moments of Viola Liuzzo, a Detroit woman who was killed by Ku Klux Klansmen while working for the Civil Rights movement in Alabama.

Mary and Myra dramatizes the story of Abraham Lincoln's widow, Mary, committed to an insane asylum by her oldest son, Robert. America's first woman lawyer, Myra Bradwell, helped Mary gain her release.

Kidnap Road depicts the ordeal of politician Ingrid Betancourt, who was kidnapped by FARC, Colombian Marxist guerrillas. During her six years in captivity, Betancourt defiantly resolved to maintain her dignity, incurring risk to herself and others.

Lemkin’s House tells the story of Raphael Lemkin, the man who coined the term genocide and fought to have the act recognized as a crime by international courts.

New Translations from Japan

Series Editor Frank Stewart
Guest Editor Leza Lowitz

Mountain/Home presents new translations of selected Japanese works from the medieval period to the present. The volume opens with traditional folktales, court poetry, Edo Period poetry, and contemporary fiction—all from “One Hundred Literary Views of Mount Fuji,” a collection of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction related to Japan’s national symbol. The works reveal how Japanese attitudes toward Mount Fuji have changed over time, particularly after the country was opened to the West in the nineteenth century.

Dazai Osamu

Also in Mountain/Home are a new translation of a chapter from Lady Murasaki’s classic, The Tale of Genji; fiction by Dazai Osamu influenced by Japan’s fortunes during WWII; the avant-garde poetry of Yoshioka Minoru; and the anti- war poetry of Ayukawa Nobuo. Both Yoshioka and Ayukawa served in the Imperial Army and survived to become two of the most important postwar writers.

Ayukawa Nobuo

Kurahashi Yumiko

Embodying Japan’s contemporary optimism are fiction writer Kurahashi Yumiko and poet Takahashi Mutsuo. Kurahashi’s postmodern linked stories reexamine the fluid boundaries between past and present tales. Takahashi’s haiku and meditative sketches of his home echo old Japan, when Bashō and Issa captured the humble joys of daily life.

Takahashi Mutsuo

Translators include Peter MacMillan, Charles De Wolf, Ralph McCarthy, Eric Selland, Leza Lowitz, Shogo Oketani, S. Yumiko Hulvey, Jeffrey Angles, and Emiko Miyashita.

224 pp., summer 2017 (29:1), $25
ISBN 978-0-8248-7536-7
Project Muse
ebook edition

160 pp., winter 2017 (29:2), $25
ISBN 978-0-8248-7729-3
Project Muse
ebook edition