The Life and Breath of the World

Series Editor Frank Stewart
Guest Editor Trevor Carolan

 Bright as an Autumn Moon
Fifty Poems from the Sanskrit

Series Editor Frank Stewart
Translator Andrew Schelling

Cascadia is a major collection of contemporary eco-literature featuring many of the most distinguished names in the field: Gary Snyder, Robert Bringhurst, Wade Davis, Hugh Brody, Susan Musgrave, Barry Lopez, Charles Lillard, and Rex Weyler, cofounder of Greenpeace. Included is a powerful contingent of indigenous writers: Chief Dan George, Eden Robinson, Lee Maracle, Richard Van Camp, Richard Wagamese, Chief William Sepass, and Louis Owens. Also in the volume is a solid gathering of poets and essayists: Judith Roche, Theresa Kishkan, Eve Joseph, Jan Zwicky, Mike O’Connor, Red Pine, Robert Rice, John Schreiber, and Maxine Hong Kingston.

Sculptor, poet, and essayist Tom Jay writes about salmon as Cascadian icon and poetic metaphor. Architect Rob Sieniuc, who works in the Yukon with First Nations communities, has an essay on the influence of Chief Dan George on his generation of eco-design builders. Artist Emily Carr is represented by two prose pieces and sketches from her journals of travels among First Nations villages.

Special thanks to the University of the Fraser Valley for generous publication support of this volume.

Shown below, the back cover has a painting of a mask by Albert Grünwedel, ca. 1894, with field notes by Franz Boas and song text.

Back cover


Bright as an Autumn Moon presents Sanskrit verses composed from the fourth to the twelfth centuries. Translated into contemporary English by American poet Andrew Schelling, they illuminate the ardent worship by lovers of their beloved—both human and divine. Each translation is accompanied by the Sanskrit original, transliteration, glossary, and commentary.

Andrew Schelling has written, edited, or translated twenty books. He studied Sanskrit at U.C. Berkeley and began to translate from its classical poetry tradition around 1978. His first book, Dropping the Bow: Poems of Ancient India, received the Academy of American Poets translation award in 1992, the first time the Academy had honored work done from an Asian language. He has edited The Oxford Anthology of Bhakti Literature and Love and the Turning Seasons: India’s Poetry of Spiritual and Erotic Longing. He teaches at Naropa University, in Boulder, Colorado, and Deer Park Institute, in India’s Himalayan foothills.

The art in the volume consists of Deccani miniature paintings from the late eighteenth century from an album (muraqqa‘) compiled in the late nineteenth century, possibly later. The work is included courtesy of The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.


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