UHM Army ROTC Program

Form 104-R

Form 104-R is an academic plan outlining all courses required to graduate including general education, major, and ROTC. Its primary purpose is to ensure cadets graduate in a timely manner. Procedures to complete your Form 104-R are as follows:

    1. Learn what the Form 104-R is by clicking here.

    2. Review instructions on how to complete the Form 104-R here.

    3. Learn what needs to be included in the Form 104-R here.

    4. Download a blank Form 104-R.

    5. Check your draft with your major Advisor. Contact information for your major Advisor or department can be found here.

    6. Email your draft to the ROTC Advisor, Rayna Isaki, at risaki@hawaii.edu from your UH email account.

For questions regarding Form 104-R check out the FAQs page. For questions on the Army ROTC program:

Website- http://www.nokanet.com/demo6/
Email- armyrotc@hawaii.edu
Phone- (808) 956-4137
Location- Army ROTC Building (Lower campus near Murakami baseball Stadium)


Revised 05/13/11