Joy Logan

Professor; Sabbatical, Spring 2023

Moore Hall 488
1890 East-West Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-4163

Joy Logan is the author of Aconcagua and the Invention of Mountaineering on America’s Highest Peak. University of Arizona Press, 2011.


Ph.D. Hispanic Literature (1988) Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Areas of Research and Publication

  • Anthropology of Adventure and Anthropology of Tourism in the Andes
  • Effects of Redemocratization on Cultural Expression and National Identity in Argentina
  • Gender, Feminism, and Ethnic Studies in Latin American Culture
  • Issues of Hybridity and Mestizaje in Latino Cultural Identity

Courses at UHM

  • LAIS 683 Hispanic Cultural Studies
  • LAIS 360-B Studies in Culture: Latin America (E-Ethics Focus)
  • LAIS 363 US Latino Culture and Literature
  • LAIS 362 Spanish American Literature in Translation
  • SPAN 695 Graduate Seminar: Literature and Cultural Studies: Latin American Icons
  • SPAN 695 Graduate Seminar : The Political Voice in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 680 The Spanish American Novel
  • SPAN 681 Colonial Spanish American Literature
  • SPAN 495D Literature and Film: Latin America
  • SPAN 495B Literature and Society: Literature and the Arts in Post-Franco Spain
  • SPAN 478 Hispanic Women’s Literature
  • SPAN 372 Spanish American Literature II
  • SPAN 371 Spanish American Literature I
  • SPAN 352-C Latin American Cultural Perspectives (W-Writing Intensive)