At the International Night, which took place on Saturday, March 15, the Russian Club at UH manoa did a great job to further promote understanding of Russia with its rich history and cultural tradition among the UH and Honolulu community. Our visitors could learn about Russia as well as RUSSIAN@UH from the students of Russian Sasha Rogness, Monique Michelle Kaminskaya and Olivia Le Coque. The international Night participants were enthralled by Russian art exhibited on our table (generously provided by Patricia Polansky and Prof. Virginia Bennett). Our booth attracted a great number of people who could enjoy Russian sweets (supplied by Mila Finney and Maika) and had their pictures taken in colorful ethnic costumes by our own Club photographer Maica Panek Knisely. We are looking forward to seeing them shortly here on our FB page. Shayne Matsuda‘s virtual train journey through Russia displayed on a flat screen TV simply ROCKED and we wish Shayne to travel the Trans Siberian in the near future as part of his study abroad program in Russia. Special thanks to Sasha and Shayne who helped to set up the booth and Maica, Shayne and Mark Duvall who stayed till the last minute and wrapped up the show. Without Maica’s and Shayne’s dedication to making our newly founded Russian Club vibrant and their work in preparation for the International Night this event would not be possible. We also extend our gratitude to the president of the Russian Club at Punaho, Dean, who enthusiastically supported us all throughout the show – we hope that we will further develop the ties between our programs. The festival is over… Now, on to the new exciting adventures with RUSSIAN@UH!


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