• BA in Russian

    Student Learning Outcomes for B. A. IN RUSSIAN


    SLO1. The student can vocalize Russian non-technical texts with correct placement of stress in words and with the observance of pronunciation rules (i.e. reduction of unstressed vowels, voicing and devoicing of consonants individually and in clusters as dictated by the environment, and assimilation of consonants according to current Russian pronunciation norms).

    SLO2.  The student can read and comprehend non-technical texts in Russian from a variety of sources including magazines, newspapers, internet pages such as those found in the Russian Wikipedia, and belles-lettres.

    SLO3.  The student can engage in oral and written communication in Russian in various everyday and educational communicative contexts (e.g. asking directions, ordering in a restaurant, expressing opinions in a conversation or a written composition).

    SLO4. The student can write Cyrillic in longhand and type Cyrillic using either the phonetic or standard keyboard arrangement.

    SLO5.  The student can recognize and identify and has a familiarity with key aspects of Russian culture (e.g. famous Russians; representative pictures, music and symbols; common Russian dishes).


    SLO 06. Familiarity with key works of literature of the major authors of the 19th century (Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov) and 20th century (Belyj, Blok, Zoshchenko, Zamiatin, Sholokhov, Bulgakov, Solzhenitsyn).


    SLO 7. The student can recognize and identify and has a familiarity with key aspects of Russian culture (e.g. famous Russians with key aspects of Russian culture (e.g. famous Russians;, representative pictures, music and symbols; common Russian dishes). Familiarity with Russian material and intellectual history from  pre-Christian times through the present. Should be acquainted with significant pictorial artists, composers, and film artists.

    Russian BA Requirements

    33 credit hours above the 200 level

    • RUS 209
    • RUS 303, 304, 306, 311, 312
    • RUS 403, 404, 418, 419 (Other Russian courses numbered above 419 may be substituted for some of these courses)
    • Three courses from any of the following: LLEA 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355 or any of Russian History courses
    • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in courses counted toward the major is required.  At least half of the credits required for the major must be taken at UH Manoa.

    Undergraduate Certificate Russian

    Requirements in addition to a regular major

    • 15 credit hours of RUS courses numbered 300 and above (all five courses must be taken with a letter grade, minimum GPA of 2.5 required)

    Undergraduate Certificate in Russian Studies

    Requirements in addition to a regular major

    Advanced reading and conversation courses in Russian, equivalent to at least the third-year level and 9 credit hours of work, exclusive of courses taken for the major, chosen from an approved list of courses in the areas of Russian language, literature and culture.

    Scholarship Help for Students of Russian

    Persons pursuing a BA in Russian, a Certificate in Russian or a Certificate in Russian Area Studies are eligible to apply for Ella Lury Wiswell and Frederick Wiswell scholarships and grants. For more information contact Professor Anastasia Kostetskaya, Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas, 457 Moore Hall, e-mail: kostetsk@hawaii.edu.

    College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature Policy on Second Language Back Credit

    Petition for Back Credits:

    All students (including native speakers of a language) with experience in another language other than English may earn “back credits.” These students may take any UHM course, appropriate to their level, in which there is significant use of that language. (Appropriate level determined by placement exam or adviser; significant use determined by the course content.) Upon completion of this course* with a letter grade of C (not C-) or better, may petition between 3-16 back credits. Please note that a “W” grade received for university language courses will make you ineligible for back credits when taking subsequent courses. For more information please visit UH Manoa General Education Policy on Second Language Back Credits (pdf).

    *Only first instance of a course.

    Petition form for back credits

    Resource Links

    Library of Russian books on-linehttp://lib.ru/


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