Christine BeauleAssociate Professor & Director of General Education Office

Christine Beaule

Archaeology, Latin America, Colonialism, Andes
Office: Bilger Hall 104 | Phone: (808) 956-9169

Professor Beaule is an anthropological archaeologist focused on the impacts of Spanish colonialism on Indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Philippines. Recent publications include three edited volumes that challenge disciplinary divisions between prehistoric and historical archaeology, and take global, interdisciplinary, and comparative perspectives on colonialism focused on Indigenous agency and place-based expressions. These include:

  • The Global Spanish Empire: Five Hundred Years of Place Making and Pluralism, edited by Christine D. Beaule and John G. Douglass. Amerind Studies in Anthropology, University of Arizona Press, 2020. Available open-access through Knowledge Unlatched at
  • Transnational Perspectives on the Conquest and Colonization of Latin America, edited by David Midgley, Jenny Mander, and Christine D. Beaule (33.33% contribution each). Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas series. Routledge Press, 2019.
  • Frontiers of Colonialism, edited by Christine D. Beaule, University Press of Florida, 2017.

Since spring 2018, Professor Beaule has been serving as Director of the General Education Office, where they work with faculty across campus to assess and improve student learning, and bring research, data and national perspectives to bear on discussions of Gen Ed curricular improvements.