Christina Gerhardt

Assistant Professor
1890 East-West Road
Moore Hall 453
Honolulu  HI  96822

Phone: (808) 956-4182
Fax: (808) 956-9536



  • Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Additional Study

  • University of Chicago, DAAD Summer Seminar in German Studies, July-August 2015
  • German Film Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, May-June, 2015
  • Fulbright and DAAD, Summer Academy in Leipzig, Germany, June 2014
  • Fulbright Faculty Seminar in German Studies, June 2011 (declined)
  • East German Film Institute, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, July 2009 (declined)
  • German Film Institute, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, August, 2008
  • Cornell University, DAAD Summer Seminar in German Studies, June – July 2008
  • Cornell University, School of Criticism and Theory, Summer 1999
  • Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Germany, Spring Semester 1998
  • University of California at Berkeley, German, Fall Semester 1997

Areas of Interest

European and German studies; Critical Theory and Frankfurt School, esp. Adorno, Benjamin and Kracauer; film and visual studies; film aesthetics, history, theory; experimental cinema; documentary and essay film; Modernity and Weimar; the Two Germanies; the New Berlin Republic; history and representations of social movements; New Left and the 1960s; gender and feminist studies and theory; colonialism and post-colonial studies; immigration and transnational studies; geography and urban studies; environmental studies and humanities.

Teaching Experience

  • University of California at Berkeley, 2000-2006

Awards and Grants (selected)




Book Manuscripts:

  • Critique of Violence: The Trauma of Terrorism (submitted / under review)
  • The Language of Nature in Theodor W. Adorno’s Writings (submitted / under review).

Edited Volumes:

’68 and Cinema. Eds. Christina Gerhardt and Sara Saljoughi (in progress)

• Critical Theory and Nature. Ed. Christina Gerhardt (in progress)

Edited Journals:

Co-Edited Series in a Peer-Reviewed Journal:

  • “The Berlin School: The Dreileben Project,” German Studies Review 36.3 (October 2013).
  • Five articles on the 2011 Berlin School trilogy Dreileben. Co-edited with Marco Abel.

Articles (Peer-Reviewed Volumes and Journals):

  • “RAF as German and Family History: Von Trotta’s Marianne and Juliane and Petzold’s The State I Am in.” The Place of Politics in German Film. Ed. Martin Blumenthal-Barby (Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2014). 166-184.
  • “‘Aus den Orten eine Geschichte Gewinnen’: Christian Petzold’s Etwas Besseres als den Tod,” German Studies Review 36.3 (October 2013): 617-25. [pdf.]
  • “On Natural History: Concepts of History in Kracauer and Adorno,” Culture in the Anteroom: The Legacies of Siegfried Kracauer. Eds. Gerd Gemünden and Johannes von Moltke (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 2012). 229-243.
  • “Narrating Terrorism: Kristina Konrad’s Greater Freedom, Lesser Freedom.”Questioning the RAF: The Politics of Culture. Special issue. Ed. Karin Bauer. Seminar 47.1 (2011): 64-80. [pdf.]
  • “Thinking With: Animals in Schopenhauer, Horkheimer and Adorno.” Critical Theory and Animals. Ed. John Sanbonmatsu (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2011). 137-157.
  • “Working through the Past: Christian Petzold’s The State I am In.” ZeitRäume: Potsdamer Almanach.  Ed. Martin Sabrow. (Göttingen: Wallstein Verlag, 2010). 31-42.
  • “Surveillance Mechanisms in Literature and Film: Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum by Böll and Schlöndorff / Von Trotta.” Literature and Film. Special Issue. Ed. P.M. Lutzeler. Gegenwartsliteratur 7 (2008): 69-83.
  • “Transnational Germany: Hito Steyerl’s Die leere Mitte and 200 Years of Border Crossings.” Women in German Yearbook 23 (2007): 205-223. [pdf.]
  • “Adorno and Ethics: Introduction.” Adorno and Ethics. Ed. Christina Gerhardt. New German Critique 97 (2006): 1-4. [pdf.]
  • “The Ethics of Animals in Adorno and Kafka.” Adorno and Ethics. Ed. Christina Gerhardt. New German Critique 97 (2006): 159-178. [pdf.]
  • “The Allied Air Bombing Campaign of Germany in Herzog’s Little Dieter Needs to Fly.” Bombs Away: Representing the Air War over Europe and Japan. Amsterdamer Beiträge zur Germanistik 60. Eds. William Rasch and Wilfried Wilms (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2006). 345-354.

Entries – Encyclopedias and Handbooks (Peer-Reviewed Volumes):

Film Festival Reviews:

Review Essays:

  • “Werner Herzog,” Film Quarterly 69.1 (Fall 2015): 102-104. Review essay of Eric Ames, Werner Herzog: Interviews (2014) and Paul Cronin, Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed (2014).
  • “The Berlin School,” Cineaste (Spring 2014): 66-68. Review essay of Berlin School Glossary (2013), Christian Petzold (2013), The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School (2013), and The Berlin School (2013).

Film Reviews:

  • “Subadeh Mortezai’s Macondo (2014),” Film for Thought, HIFF, November 2014.
  • Christian Petzold’s Barbara,” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2012.
  • Carlos,” The Sixties: A Journal of History, Politics and Culture 4.2 (December 2011): 201-204. [pdf.]

Guest Lectures (select):

San Francisco State University; Marin Headlands, Center for the Arts; Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität – Frankfurt am Main; Freie Universität Berlin; New York University (Deutsches Haus); CUNY Graduate Center; Harvard University; Rice University; University of Antwerp. Antwerp, Belgium; Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung. Potsdam, Germany; Goethe Institute New York; Wellesley College; Haverford College; University of California at Santa Cruz; Columbia University; University of California at Los Angeles; University of Jena, Germany; University of Leipzig, Germany; University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill; Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany; Pomona College; University of California at Berkeley; Kunstwerke Museum, Berlin, Germany; Universität Hannover, Hannover, Germany.

Topics taught – undergraduate and graduate:

  • The Frankfurt School
  • Benjamin and Adorno
  • The Frankfurt School and Nature
  • History of Cinema
  • Film Theory, Criticism, Analysis
  • Global Art Cinema
  • Experimental Film
  • New Waves around 1968
  • The Berlin School
  • New German Cinema
  • History of German Cinema
  • German Fascism and Propaganda
  • Two Germanies – 1949-1989
  • Transnational Germany – 1945 to the present
  • The New Berlin Republic in Architecture, Art, Culture, Film
  • Introduction to Environmental Humanities
  • Environment and Economy

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