Advising and Placement Exams

All LLEA majors MUST consult the advisors listed below for mandatory advising prior to registration. A “hold” will be placed on your registration. After you have spoken to your advisor, your hold will be removed.

Scroll down for information on placement exams for French, German, and Spanish.

If you need further information regarding our courses, please contact the following advisors:

Division Advisor Phone No. Office E-mail
French  Jacob Huss (808) 956‑4175 Moore 490
German Dr. Maryann Overstreet (808) 956‑4172 Moore 454
Russian Dr. Anastasia Kostetskaya (808) 956‑4181 Moore 457
Spanish (BA majors) Dr. Eric Thau (808) 956‑4440 Moore 430
Spanish (MA majors) Dr. Joy Logan (808) 956‑4163 Moore 488

French Placement Exam:

Continuing UH system French students may continue on to the next course.

Students with no prior French language experience should enroll in FR 101.

If you have prior French language experience (i.e., high school instruction, residence in a French speaking country, live with native speakers, etc.), you are encouraged to take the placement exam, except those students with college credit for French classes.

For French Placement, please contact Jacob Huss at 

German Placement Exam:

Students with no prior German language experience should enroll in GER 101, and may do so without consent.

Non-native speakers of German with previous experience (high school or college) who need assistance with placement in a course above GER 101 may take the placement exam. Please arrive on time. If, on the first day of class, your language proficiency level is higher than the 101 level, you will be placed in a higher level course.  Students who place at the 102 level or higher fulfill the language requirement faster and also may be eligible to receive free back credits (for more information, visit

Native and near-native speakers of German do not need to take the placement exam and may enroll in the following courses for credit: GER 312, GER 313, GER 320, GER 361, GER 371, any 400-level GER courses, and any of our LLEA courses, including LLEA 320, LLEA 340, LLEA 342 and LLEA 416. The remaining GER courses are designed for non-native speakers and will not be open to native- and near-native speakers. To obtain an override code in order to register for a GER course, please contact the instructor of the course.

Registration is not required;The test takes approximately 30 minutes.  Results are given upon completion of the test.

German Placement exam will be via ZOOM. Please email Katinka Hammerich at directly to set up a zoom placement test appointment. 

Spanish Placement Exam:

Click here to access and register for the Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Spanish Placement Test


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