The Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas (LLEA) consists of five divisions: CLASSICS, FRENCH, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, and SPANISH (click tabs for detailed information about each division). Each division offers courses in the following subject areas: CLASSICS (ancient Greek, classical Latin, biblical Hebrew, and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics); FRENCH (French and Italian); GERMAN (German); RUSSIAN (Russian); SPANISH (Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American and Iberian Studies [LAIS]).

LLEA offers first-year and second-year courses in ancient Greek, classical Latin, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese—any of which may be used to fulfill the two-year Hawaiian/Second Language requirement (HSL). LLEA offers the BA in CLASSICS, FRENCH, GERMAN, RUSSIAN, and SPANISH, as well as undergraduate certificates in each of  these areas and in LAIS (taught in English); LLEA also offers the MA in French and the MA in Spanish; graduate and undergraduate courses are offered in English on literature, film, and cultural studies.

LLEA prides itself in offering students excellent teaching at every level of instruction and over the previous four decades has received forty Excellence in Teaching Awards from UHM and from a variety of local and national organizations. LLEA also has as an essential goal to engage students in research and creative activities, and its award-winning faculty foster such activities as appropriate, in the upper-division courses taught in the original language and in those taught in English, and at the graduate level, where twenty-four graduate students receive teaching assistantships.

LLEA has as its central mission to expand knowledge of the humanities by teaching and conducting research in the modern and classical languages, literatures, and cultures through the courses constituting the department’s overall program. LLEA offers a strong interdisciplinary approach that combines the study of language and literature with other forms of culture in their permutations in the geographic regions of Europe (where most of the languages offered by LLEA originated), Latin America, the United States, and parts of the French-speaking Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

LLEA executes its central mission in keeping with UHM’s strategic plan, by recruiting, rewarding, and supporting faculty committed to outstanding instruction in the classroom and to exemplary standards in research in their respective disciplines. LLEA sets the highest standards for assessing faculty teaching and research, encourages research that benefits and involves the local community, and provides for its students personal faculty advising and accurate online information about class schedules and course requirements in order to facilitate timely student progress toward degree completion.


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