1st Time in Hawaii! DanceAbility Method Training

DanceAbility Method Training
MondayFriday, December 17-21, 2018 
10:00am to 5:30pm
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
Dance Building Studio
Course description:
5-Day DanceAbility Intensives teach basic DanceAbility exercises and theory for immediate application by dance educators, teachers, therapists, and dancers, who want to share movement improvisation and/or mixed-abilities inclusive dance in their communities. Participants learn how to present the DanceAbility® method of inclusive dance—a comprehensive approach based on structured movement improvisation. This method is an ideal way for people without disabilities and with various mental and physical abilities to meet on common ground where creativity is based on equality, not on specific skills. DanceAbility dissolves barriers between disabled and able-bodied people and facilitates deep, meaningful communication among practitioners. Inclusive dance helps people from very diverse backgrounds experience the art of being together. The course is open to dance educators and anyone who wants to teach inclusive dance, or who is interested in an immersion in the DanceAbility® method. Students will receive a certificate of completion and a teaching guide (DanceAbility handbook) with over 40 exercises and detailed notes from each day’s material. While many who take these intensives are professionals, non-professionals and people with no prior dance experience are also welcome. The DanceAbility method has been developed over 30 years, by Eugene dance artist Alito Alessi. He has been recognized as a Guggenheim Fellow for this work and his dance company has been awarded National Endowment for the Arts awards and other major recognitions. 
The training includes the following: 
•Foundation concepts and exercises of movement improvisation for people of all abilities and disabilities, based on things that all participants can do
• How to guide people to be aware of their potential for movement and for communication
• Dance/movement explorations for individuals, partners, and small and large groups that encourage EVERYbody’s expression and non-verbal communication
• How to foster leadership and support in groups that include diverse mental disabilities
• How to work with adults and children
•Teaching physicality and touch (inspired largely by Contact Improvisation)
About the instructor:
As a Guggenheim fellow, Alito Alessi is well known throughout the fields of contemporary dance and Contact Improvisation. He is the founder of DanceAbility International and is renowned for the method he developed for creating inclusive dance for people of all abilities, and for his teaching, training and performing around the world.
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