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For People with Diabetes
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 “I’ve lost over 25 pounds and feel better overall than I did prior to participating…my HbA1c has dropped from 7.0 to 6.2 percent on my last blood test.” – Rodney

"It has given me positive feedback, encouraged me to set measurable short term goals to keep that positivity going strong."  – Anonymous

"Great program, kept me motivated and thinking about what I can do to help myself live a better/healthier life." – Brian

"My coach keeps me accountable. She's also a good sounding board. When I'm frustrated or need to vent, she can keep a secret and help me find a way to resolve the problem. She doesn't judge and nudges me in the right direction." – Anonymous

"With a life coach, you will have someone who can provide a different perspective, help set goals, and provide other resources that may help you control this affliction."  – Anonymous
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