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What is the Live Healthy... Work Well Program?

The Live Healthy… Work Well Program is a research study whose goal is to find ways to prevent and treat diabetes. There are two groups in this program: a Business as Usual Group and a Life Coaching Group. Participants will not get to choose which group they are participating in as all participants will be randomly assigned to a group. No matter which group you are assigned to, the true benefit is that you may start feeling healthier and more productive.

Business As Usual Group
Life Coaching Group

What are the benefits of participating?

  • All participants will receive compensation for participating in our program.
  • All participants will receive free initial and annual health screenings (co-pays will be paid).
  • You may save money on diabetes drugs and supplies.
  • You may be healthier and more productive.
  • You can make a difference! Results from this study may be used for the future treatment and prevention of diabetes.

What will I have to do while in the program?

  • Initially and annually, for the duration of the project, you will need to have a health screening. This screening will measure your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, and other factors related to diabetes. You will receive these results and have a chance to discuss them with a health professional.
  • We will provide you with a calendar to keep track of actual hours worked. You will need to turn in a copy of your pay stub every three months.
  • Initially and annually, for the duration of the project, we will ask you to fill out several surveys about your health, work, and satisfaction with the Live Healthy… Work Well program.

How can I participate?
Give us a call at (808) 956-5096!

Business as Usual Group

Participants in the Business as Usual Group can go about their lives as they normally do. You will be asked to answer questions about your job and health and have annual health check-ups paid for by the project.

How can I participate?

Give us a call at (808) 956-5096!

Life Coaching Group

Participants in the Life Coaching Group will work closely with a Pharmacist to effectively manage their medications and with a Life Coach who will assist with setting and achieving health, work, and other goals. 

Health Coaching/Medication Therapy Management

  • Medication Action Plan: This plan will help track your progress and medication.
  • Personal Medication Record: You will have a portable record of all your prescription and non-prescription medication including dosage, frequency, and length of time on medication.  You may take this with you to your doctors appointments for enhanced continuity of care.
  • Meetings with a Pharmacist: For the first three months, a pharmacist will meet with you once a month.  After 90 days, you’ll meet once every quarter.  Meetings will focus on nutrition, weight, exercise, and medication adherence.

Life Coaching

  • Work, Life, and Wellness Coaching: A coach will meet with you in person, on the phone, and/or through an online coaching tool to help you define, set, and achieve your goals.  Your coach will be available to meet with you biweekly, for the first three months, but you set the meetings according to your needs and schedule.  You will get to set your own goals and your coach will help you stay on track. Once you get on track with setting and achieving goals, your coaching sessions are expected to get shorter, with more time in between, for example, once per month.
  • Access to a Laptop Computer: While in the program, you will be loaned a computer with a wireless internet access card and provided with training on our online coaching tool.  If you do not know how to use a computer, additional training will be offered.

Optional Services

  • Counseling from a Certified Diabetes Educator
  • Counseling from a Nutritionist
  • Fitness Classes
  • Informative Diabetes Education and Resources
  • Support Groups

We encourage you to take advantage of all available services.

How can I participate?

Give us a call at (808) 956-5096!

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