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***Enrollment is currently closed.***

Eligibility Questions:

Enrollment Questions:

Project Questions:

Copayment/Incentive Questions:

Eligibility Questions:

How do I know if I am eligible for the program?

The Live Healthy Work…Work Well Project has eligibility criteria. The participant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 to 60 years of age
  • Be a resident of Oahu
  • Have an HBA1c level of 6.5 or greater upon enrollment
  • Be working 40 or more hours per month

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Enrollment Questions:

How do I enroll?

Enrollment for the Live Healthy...Work Well Project is now closed. If you would like to be placed on our mailing list for possible entrance into the Project at a later date, please e-mail us at Thank you for your interest!

How will I recognize my contact person at the initial enrollment meeting?

The person you will meet will be calling you on the phone 1-2 days prior to your meeting to introduce her/him self and remind you of the meeting. You can arrange a way to recognize each other at that time.

Can we meet during the weekend?

Yes. Although we prefer to meet during the regular work day, if you can only meet on the weekend, arrangements will be made with the person conducting the enrollment interview. You will be called to arrange a mutually convenient time and meeting place.

Why am I required to read and sign an informed consent notification?

The University of Hawaii is required by law to follow guidelines for protecting the rights of any person who is involved in a research study. The UH Manoa Institutional Review Board dictates that all potential research subjects must understand the nature of the research and of their participation. Thus, EACH participant must read and sign an informed consent document which states that they understand the research and agree to participate. We want our participants to know about any risks they may encounter while they are participating in the Live Healthy... Work Well project.

What is the information in the enrollment package used for?

Work productivity information is necessary to help us better understand who you are and what you do at work. This information will be shared with your Life Coach. All other survey information will be kept strictly confidential and will be used for tracking purposes required by this project.

What do I do with my Live Healthy... Work Well handbook?

The purpose of the handbook is to give you information about the project. This is for you to keep and use as a reference if you have questions in the future. The handbook contains a copy of all the papers you signed and more:

  • Consent forms
  • Release of information from your physician and/or endocrinologist
  • Schedule of Incentives
  • Grievance procedures
  • Contact information for project staff

When can I start?

You may start the Live Healthy... Work Well project once you have satisfied the eligibility requirements for this project and agreed in writing to participate. At that point, we will arrange a meeting time and place where you will be able to turn in your signed consent forms and completed enrollment surveys.

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Project Questions:

How long will the Live Healthy... Work Well project continue?

The Live Healthy... Work Well Project is expected to be completed by September 2009. However, the project may be extended. You will be enrolled for the duration of the project should you choose to participate.

My pharmacist does not know about the Live Healthy... Work Well project. Is there someone who can contact pharmacists that are not familiar with the project?

When a participant is enrolled into the Life Coaching group, they will be given a list of pharmacies participating in this project. The list has names of pharmacies located throughout the island of Oahu. You may choose the participating pharmacy that is most convenient for you.

If your pharmacist does not know about the project, please call 956-5096.

What does "daily log for hours worked" mean? Is this the hours at my actual job or hours spent working with the project?

It is a calendar you maintain that tracks the hours spent at your actual job.

Am I required to participate in the exercise program? Where is it located?

No. Participation in the exercise program is not required but it is an option available to you as a part of this project. If this is something that you are interested in, your Life Coach will work with you on this goal. We advise that you consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine.

Who will be listening to recordings of my coaching sessions?

The Evaluation Team will listen to the tape recordings in order to ensure that the coaching method is being followed. They are not listening to hear what you as a participant is saying, but to make sure that the Life Coach is using the proper coaching method. The Lead Coach will also be listening to the tape recordings for quality assurance and to ensure you are getting good customer service.

How many surveys will I be completing during the project and how long will they take?

You will be completing four short surveys per year on a quarterly (every three months) basis. The first survey will be completed during the enrollment meeting. In addition, you will complete one long survey annually and a final survey at the end of the program.

Are there right or wrong answers to the questions on the surveys?

There are no right or wrong answers to the surveys or forms. We want to know about your present experiences. Only you can tell us what it's like to have diabetes.

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Copayment/Incentive Questions:

Will I be compensated?

Yes, all participants will be compensated (receive money) for being a part of the project. Upon enrollment you will be randomly assigned to either the Business as Usual or the Life Coaching group. At that time, the person enrolling you in the program will review your compensation program. The compensation program is different for each group.

Will the Live Healthy... Work Well project cover my medical expenses?

This depends on which group you are assigned into during your enrollment interview. If you are assigned to the Life Coaching group, your medical co-payments related to diabetes (doctor visits to your physician and endocrinologist) and annual health screenings will be covered. If you are assigned to the Business As Usual Group, your initial and annual health screenings will be covered but not your medical co-payments.

What specific medical co-payments related to diabetes will be covered?

For individuals in the Life Coaching group the following co-payments will be covered:

    • General practitioner – visits related to diabetes, annual check-ups
    • Endocrinologist – visits related to diabetes
    • Lab work related to diabetes
    • Diabetes medication and supplies

For individuals in the Business as Usual group the following co-payments will be covered:

  • Initial health screening to confirm eligibility
  • Annual health screenings including lab work

How often will I receive my incentive payments? When will I receive my first payment?

During your enrollment interview you will be given a payment schedule to review. Your payments will be made by check and will be processed approximately every 3-4 months.

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