Welcome to Library Essentials, a collection of workshops for English 100 sections (including 100A, 190, and ELI 100) that introduce students to basic library services and resources, print and digital. The workshops are designed to help English instructors address the Written Communication (FW) "information literacy" requirement of their courses. The Library Essentials workshops are scheduled during regular class time and meet in Hamilton Library classrooms to provide students hands-on instruction on computer workstations.

Please note: Although we usually offer several workshops from which to choose, initially this Fall 2014 semester we will offer only one workshop focusing on basic library skills.

Workshop Description

Basic Resources
This workshop introduces students to basic library resources enabling them to find books and journal articles for their research papers.

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To request a workshop, fill out the form below. You will receive a reply either confirming your request or informing you that the date/time you requested was not available. If the time is not available, you will have an opportunity to request alternate times. Although we will try to honor your request, please understand that teaching space and staffing in the library is extremely limited and fills up fast throughout the semester.

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