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Building on our activities, the Library Treasures Initiative will continue to host colloquia in AY 2018-2019 to showcase our library’s special collections. The Initiative will also carry out other outreach activities to promote students’ use of the library collections and to raise awareness about the importance of the University Library’s mission of acquiring, organizing, preserving, and providing access to these unique resources.

  • Library Colloquia

    Two colloquia for each semester will be hosted in AY 2018-2019. Announcements of colloquia will be made on the University Event Calendar and the Library Web Site Home Page.

  • Video Shorts Competition

    The Library Treasures Initiative invites our undergraduate students in any department, discipline and field of study to create original video shorts using special collections at Hamilton Library. The purpose of this competition is to promote the use of our library’s special collections by our students and to raise awareness campus-wide about the educational values of our library’s unique holdings. Awards will be given to the winner, the runner-up, and the third place. The submission deadline is March 1, 2019. Further details, including eligibility, practical research guides, and technical specifications will be announced in early Fall 2018.

  • Undergraduate Research and Opportunity Program (UROP) can aid the use of Hamilton Library’s special collections

    The Library Treasures Initiative invites our undergraduate students in any department, discipline and field of study, including those in humanities and social sciences, to apply to the Undergraduate Research and Opportunity Program (UROP) to carry out original research using our library’s special collections. Further details concerning practical guides for the use of library resources and faculty mentors will be provided in Fall 2018. Further information concerning UROP can be found at its Web site.

  • Guest Lecture by Dr. Richard Sousa, formerly Director of the Hoover Library & Archives, Stanford University. “Collecting in a Constrained Environment.” 3:00-5:00 PM, Friday, November 9, 2018, Hamilton Library #301

    The Library Treasures Initiative is pleased to host between November 7 and 9 a visit by Dr. Richard Sousa, an economist, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, and formerly Director of the Hoover Institution Library & Archives, Stanford University, as a distinguished visitor and the first speaker of the Library Treasures Initiative’s Guest Speaker Series. Dr. Sousa will meet with our librarians and archivists individually, and deliver on the last day of his visit a special lecture to share with the UH community his personal insights into the art of the library & archives development in a constrained environment.

    During his directorship at the Hoover Library & Archives in 2007-2012, Dr. Sousa secured major acquisitions, which include the Chiang Kai-shek diaries; the William Rehnquist papers; the Georgian, Estonian, and Lithuanian KGB files; and the Ba’th Party Papers of the Iraq Memory Foundation. Moreover, Dr. Sousa initiated major facilities upgrades to the archives preservation and conservation labs, the library processing room, and the archives reading room. The Hoover Library & Archives, founded in 1919 by Herbert Hoover, are dedicated to documenting on War, Revolution, and Peace in the modern world. The current holdings consist of nearly one million volumes and more than thousand archival collections form 171 countries. Further information concerning the Hoover Library & Archives can be found at its Web site.

    To attend this special lecture, please pre-register online at

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