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An Overview

The Library Treasures Initiative was launched in Fall 2017 with sponsorship from the College of Arts & Humanities and Thomas Hale Hamilton Library. The goal is to provide the University with a new platform for showcasing our library’s special collections, promoting student research, and inviting donor participation. This Initiative envisions the hosting of a series of colloquia, workshops, and exhibitions on our unique collections throughout the year, and at the same time, of linking these public events with a wide range of community outreach activities, student scholarship competitions, guest lectureships, and fund-raising donor events.

UH Hamilton Library is home to numerous special collections that shed fresh light on the history, arts, languages and literature, politics and society, law, economy, geography, medicine, botany, environment, and various other fields of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and technology relating to the peoples and countries across the globe, and especially in Asia, Hawaiʻi the Pacific, Americas, and Europe. Some of our core collections attract researchers and experts from all over the world, such as the the Sakamaki/Hawley Collection containing the Ryūkyū/Okinawa materials dating back to the 1400s and the Jean Charlot Collection. The goal of the Initiative is to promote the use, across disciplines and media, of our many “library treasures” by students, faculty, and researchers. Furthermore, this Initiative aims at enhancing the ability of Hamilton Library to acquire, organize, preserve, and provide access to these unique resources in fulfilment of the University Library’s core mission, viz. to serve as the center of knowledge, as an intellectual, cultural, and social hub, and as an essential partner in fostering teaching, research, and community engagement at the University of Hawaiʻi.

Making Connections: Treasures from the Library at the University of Hawaiʻi

In 2005 then University of Hawaiʻi Art Gallery Director, Tom Klobe, organized a major exhibition, “Making Connections: Treasures from the University of Hawaiʻi Library,” A representative range of our special collections – some 350 items – was showcased at this exhibition, and some of them can be viewed online. This online exhibition showcases just a fraction of a much larger corpus of special collections and rare books that Hamilton Library holds. Further guides to the library collections can be found on the Library Web site under the following categories: Archives; Asia; Audiovisual; Digital Collections; General; Government Documents; Hawaiian and Pacific; Jean Charlot; Maps, Aerial Photographs, and GIS (MAGIS); Music; and Russia

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