How censorship birthed a new generation of comics

How censorship birthed a new generation of comics

February 1, 2018-February 28, 2018
Location: Elevator Gallery

The 1950’s marked a time of material consumption in all facets of media including comic books. The violent content in some publications rattled the values of the conservative cold war culture. The rapidly growing comics industry, selling an estimated 26 million issues per month, came under the scrutiny by American critics and censors, creating a social activist movement that was eventually met by an opposing underground movement.

The John C. Dresser Comics Collection is an acquisition currently in process. The collection includes comics published from the 1940s to 2013, including underground comix.

Exhibit curated by LIS graduate student Brandon Ito.

la femme panthere et l'omme sandwich journey into mystery the mighty thor illustration batman approved by the comis code authority the vault of horror seduction of the innocent

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