Visiting International Professional (VIP)

Who Is A VIP

Ideal for international professionals who would like to augment or specialize their studies in the legal field, the Visiting International Professionals (VIP) Program provides mid-career lawyers and businesspeople the opportunity to engage a program of courses in International and/or American law on a non-degree and non-credit basis. Additionally, the VIP Program welcomes LLM graduates who are either preparing to take a U.S. bar exam and want to focus on American bar-related courses or who just simply want to pursue additional training.

What A VIP Can Expect

While the VIP program begins each year in August and ends in May, VIPʻs can opt to either enroll for the entire academic year or for one semester. During the program, VIP participants may audit up to 17 credit hours of classes per semester. Although VIP participants are free to take most Law School courses, enrollment is subject to approval by the course instructor and space availability.

Upon completion of the program, VIPʻs will earn a VIP certificate and an auditor’s transcript. Audited courses may not be used toward fulfilling any degree requirements of other programs at the University of Hawaiʻi.

Fully integrated into the Law School community, VIPʻs are encouraged to participate in all that we do, including academic and social events.

More Information

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