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Internationally and nationally recognized, Richardsonʻs Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program (PALS) is unique.

We boast faculty specialized in every area of East Asia, including China (& Taiwan), Japan and Korea. Throughout the year, from around the world, the Program also draws visiting scholars in cross-cultural exchanges who also share their expertise in all of Asia, including Southeast Asia. Capitalizing on this collective scope, we are able to offer students a rich program distinguished by its panoramic regime of diverse course offerings.

Our PALS Committee, comprised of faculty specialists, a library representative, and a student representative, draws upon their expertise to actively steer our program.

Pacific-Asian Legal Studies (PALS)

Adding to the diversity of the Richardson JD, PALS allows students to enrich their legal education by concentrating their studies in the field with a PALS Certificate, choosing from our course offerings, to equip themselves with requisite knowledge and experience. In recent years, up to 10% of Richardson students have completed a PALS Certificate.

Or, leveraging PALS, students who simply desire to broaden their legal education without concentrating their studies may opt to take as many of these specialized classes as they would like. Nearly all Richardson students, regardless if they are pursing a PALS Certificate or note, take at least one PALS course during their studies.

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