Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor With PALS Students

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Great Pioneers of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

At Richardson, we follow in the footsteps of great pioneers, who established our law school against seemingly insurmountable odds, and who had the foresight to forge a new, distinctive path in the emerging field of Pacific-Asian Legal Studies (PALS).

As a result, today, Richardson is unparalleled in the field, with an exceptional program dedicated to scholarship, scholarly exchanges and training in Pacific and Asian law, that is solidly posed to lead the field into the future

When you chose Richardson to pursue your JD, you probably knew you were onto something special as you joined a spirited collaborative community of faculty, visiting scholars, and students with shared interests dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.

Like those who came before us and left to us their legacy, it falls to us to build upon that legacy and to leave our own for those who come after.

Explore The Opportunities That Abound

As a Richardson JD engaged in PALS, you have the opportunity to contribute to our proud tradition of scholarship and scholarly engagement from an unique comparative and socio-cultural perspective. And, in doing so, looking to your legal career ahead, you will develop a critical framework for whatever endeavors you undertake later.

To add to the diversity of your Richardson JD, and so you can prepare for practice in a rapidly developing area of the world, PALS allows you to enrich your legal education by concentrating your studies in Pacific and Asian law with a PALS Certificate. In doing so, given our program’s scope, you can choose from a wealth of diverse Course Offerings, or augment your coursework with upper campus courses. Given historical trends, nearly 10% of your fellow Richardson students will do so.

Or, leveraging PALS, you can simply broaden your legal education without concentrating your studies and opt to take as many of these courses as you’d like. You’ll be in great company- nearly all Richardson students take at least one PALS course during their studies.

Through the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa, which has historically made central to its mission Pacific and Asian studies, whether you choose to concentrate your legal studies in PALS or not, you can also enrich your education in in the field by pursuing Dual Study, including a dual degree or certificate.

With the guidance of our faculty and visiting scholars, whose research in the field is quite diffuse, scholarly endeavors also abound, and you have the discretion of contributing to these projects or starting your own. And, of course, you have the chance to work on one of the most widely recognized publications in Pacific and Asian law, our very own Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal.

Not matter what course of study you undertake, our Law Library will be an invaluable resource, housing an extensive collection of Pacific and Asian law holdings and featuring a myriad of digital and print resources including multi-jurisdictional and specialized databases, treaties, loose-leaf services, periodicals and a wide range of monographs. To help you navigate this vast web of resources, our law librarians are eager to assist, able to bring to bare their own expertise in the field along with advanced language skills to do so.

In addition, the Library has prepared a PALS Research Guide, to assist you in your research.

Through PALS, you also have the opportunity to explore wide extracurricular opportunities.

For extracurriculars, you can serve on our law school’s esteemed moot court teams, including the award-winning American Society of International Law, Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Team.

If you’d like to broaden your horizons beyond our own community, PALS holds partnerships with esteemed institutions throughout the region, allowing you a myriad of choices to pursue Internships and/or Externships, or to Study Abroad.

And, all along the way, the PALS community is right here lockstep with you, to ensure you succeed. PALS provides Advising to help you craft your professional and/or personal development through your legal education to help you achieve your goals. PALS will also actively support you in your Career pursuits and provide resources including a new Career Portal and a Career Database to assist you along the way.

Moreover, the Pacific Asian Legal Studies Organization (PALSO), your very own student organization, envelops an enthusiastic and active cadre of your fellow peers, providing a springboard for you to explore the wealth of opportunities that abound and providing a network of support to you in your professional development, legal studies and career pursuits.