Distinguished Scholar Series

Each year, PALSO hosts distinguished scholars who are experts in Pacific and/or Asian law, as available, to engage faculty and students in a formal dialogue on legal issues of concern.

* Rainbow Rising Symposium

Brown Bag Lunch Series

Throughout the year, PALSO hosts speakers, who have substantial knowledge of Pacific and/or Asian law or experience working in the region, to facilitate an informal dialogue amongst faculty and students not only on legal issues of concern but also about what career prospects in the field abound. From the beginning of each year, PALSO hosts a series of meetings with PALS Professors and students, to serve as a bridge between both. An introduction to the PALS Program is typically followed by an introduction to PALS Professors and then an introduction to PALS students. PALS 3L students are paired with prospective PALS 1L students to provide support.

* Brown Bag: “Working In Asia”

A Bridge Between PALS & Students

Each term, PALSO distributes a PALS Course Guide to students, who either are exploring pursuing or who are pursuing a PALS Certificate or who simply want to broaden their legal education with PALS courses.

* Screenshot of PALS FALLS Course Guide

Asian Language Groups

Several Asian Language Conversation Groups are facilitated via PALSO, allowing law students to develop their language skills. In the past, PALSO has hosted groups in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

* Chinese Conversation Group


Lunar New Year Party

A celebration of Asian culture coinciding with the Lunar New Year, PALSO’s Lunar New Year Party is the primary social event of the year and provides an excellent venue around which the entire law school community can coalesce. In addition to diverse Asian cultural exhibitions, the party usually features a Chinese Lion Dance (舞獅) and Korean Salmulnori (사물놀이) and includes an Asian dinner buffet.

Lunar New Year Party

Asian Happy Hour & Karaoke Night

Typically its first event of the year, PALSO’s Asian Happy Hour & Karaoke Night provides an entertaining way for all students, interested in Asian culture, to interact and meet each other.  In the past, PALSO has co-hosted this event with the Filipino Law Students Association (FLSA) to integrate a wider group of students with similar interests.

* Asian Happy Hour & Karaoke Night

PALSO/LLM Buddies Luncheon

At the beginning of the year, PALSO students and LLM students are introduced through a buddy system, and a luncheon is held so they can interact with each other. Whilst the LLMs come not just from the Pacific and Asian region, having an LLM buddy to talk with gives PALSO members a chance to get to know and talk with lawyers from other parts of the world to learn about their legal systems.

3L/1L Breakfast

For insight about PALS from a student perspective--including insight about the program generally, faculty, and/or courses--PALSO hosts a 3L/1L breakfast, so 3Ls can “talk story” with 1Ls.

Visting University Students

Throughout the year, PALSO students are provided unique cross-cultural experiences, as they serve as hosts to their peers visiting from around the world.

* Seoul National University (서울대) Student Visit