Our Pedagogy

Throughout the Pacific and Asia, society and the law are rapidly evolving in tangent, providing fertile ground that nurtures the need for extensive scholarship from a broad comparative socio-legal perspective.

To this end, we are devoted to fostering a spirited collaborative community dedicated to cultivating scholarship through this lens. Capitalizing on our scholastic diversity, our scholarship is uniquely positioned to understand the relationship between Pacific and Asian society and its legal traditions, systems, institutions, and laws.

Our Research

Evocative of our stature in the field, our shared scholarship, comprised in both our faculty and student research, is among the most respected, widely-read and cited scholarly legal work dealing with issues of Pacific and Asian concern.

Covering a wide spectrum of the Pacific and Asia, across nearly every area of law, our faculty’s scholarship is especially diffuse. Nearly all Richardson faculty are actively engaged in research projects and have expertise and interests that touch on Pacific and/or Asian issues. And, Richardson faculty specifically working within PALS are actively engaged in research projects and have expertise and interests, that are specialized in:

  1. China (& Taiwan)

  2. Japan

  3. Korea

  4. Southeast Asia

In addition, throughout the year, from around the world, PALS draws visiting scholars, all engaged in Pacific and/or Asian legal research projects. Through these scholarly exchanges, our faculty and visiting scholars are able to share their respective research, and work together on new research ventures.

Our Institute

Capitalizing on these strengths, Richardson is the proud incubator of the Institute of Asian-Pacific Business Law, which strives to be the premier academic center of Pacific and Asian business law, actively engaging international dialogue via scholarship and training in the rapidly growing field, and which has already held several symposia to this end.

Our Journal

Working under our faculty, our students’ research is also extensive, likewise covering a myriad of issues in many specializations, and is widely published in innumerable reputable publications, including our very own Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal. As well, under the direction of our faculty, nearly all students, concentrating their legal studies with a PALS Certificate, complete a Second Year Seminar which undertakes a research project in the field.

Faculty At Asian-Pacific Law Symposium

Professor Ron Brown Releasing New Book