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Ron Brown

William S. Richardson School of Law
Professor of Law
Member, Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Committee
Advisor, Asian-Pacific Law & Policy Journal

Area/Regional Expertise

Comparative Asian Employment & Labor Law
Chinese Law

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Asian Comparative Employment & Labor Law


LLM, University of Michigan
JD, University of Toledo
JSD, University of Michigan


Formerly Professor of Law on the Faculty of William and Mary School of Law, Professor Brown joined the faculty at Hawaii in 1981 and has served as Associate Dean and as Director of the Pacific-Asian Legal Studies Program. Professor Brown also served as the University's Director of the Center for Chinese Studies from 2000-2006. His experience includes working as an attorney with the National Labor Relations Board, representing management and labor in labor relations matters, acting as private impartial arbitrator in labor-management disputes and serving as state-appointed public fact-finder in Hawaii public sector disputes.

Professor Brown's teaching specialties include labor and employment law, employment discrimination law, arbitration, Chinese law, Asian International and Comparative Labor Law, and U.S.-China Labor & Employment Law. He has authored numerous articles and published a book entitled Understanding Chinese Courts and Legal Process: Law with Chinese Characteristics and has a new book, Understanding Labor & Employment Law in China (forthcoming in 2008). Professor Brown has worked in China under the USIA's professional-in-residence program, has served as a Consultant with the World Bank, and has lectured throughout Asia on comparative labor law topics. He has taught U.S.-China Comparative Labor Law at Beijing University Law School and currently serves as a foreign advisor to BEIDA on graduate law programs. He conducts legal exchange and international training programs for Chinese lawyers, judges, law drafters, and prosecutors under arrangements with the key government legal agencies. In 2004-2005, Professor Brown was in China as a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, teaching U.S. and Chinese Labor & Employment law and Social Security at both Peking University Law School and Tsinghua University Law School.

Selected Publications


Chinese Legal System (Kluwer 1997).
Understanding Labor & Employment in China (Cambridge 2010).
East Asian Labor & Employment Law: An International & Comparative  Context (Cambridge 2012).

Book Chapters


Comparative Labor Arbitration: U.S. and China, 66 LABOR RELATIONS J. (People’s University Law School, 2008) (in Chinese).
Collective Bargaining in China, in COLLECTIVE BARGAINING: GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE, ed., P.L. Jayanthi Reddy (Chapter, Amicus Books, 2008).
Understanding Chinese Courts and Legal Process: Law with Chinese Characteristics (Kluwer).
China's Labor Dispute Resolution, Oxford: Foundation for Law, Justice and Society (2008).
China's New Labor Contract Law, 3 China Law Reporter 4 (July, 2007).
Harmonizing Domestic Labor Law Reforms with Global Labor Law Standards, Chapter 10, International Economic Law and China in Its Economic Transition, Huiping Chen (ed) (Chinese Law Series, William S. Hein & Co., Inc. 2007).
China's Collective Contract Provisions: Can Collective Negotiations Embody Collective Bargaining? 16 Duke J. of Comp. and Int’l Law 35 (2006).
China's Employment Discrimination Laws During Economic Transition, 19 Columbia J. of Asian Law 361 (2006).
Globalization and the Law,”Global Common Law,” Chapter 12, Fairness, Globalization, and Public Institutions, Dator, Pratt, and Seo (eds) (University of Hawaiʻi Press 2006)



Principal Investigator, U.S.-China Legal Cooperation Fund, jointly organizing and conducting with Peking University Law School two conferences in China to develop working guidelines for China’s new Social Security Law (2009-2010).
Executive Board Member, International Society for Labor and Social Security (2005-present).
Foreign Advisor, 1998 to present, Peking University Research Institute of Labor Law and Social Security.


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