Thank You for Your Support!

This project builds on the prior work of many other people, particularly:

  • Gerald Carr
  • Mashuri Waite

and has benefited tremendously from the mana‘o, expertise and assistance of:

  • Heidi Bornhorst
  • Richard Criley
  • Eileen Herring
  • Janet Gilmar
  • Micheal Thomas
  • Roger Babcock
  • David Haffner
  • Spencer Mawhar
  • the Nursery & Grounds Crews and everyone in OFG
  • & Roxanne Adams

Many thanks from the mapping crew!

  • Austin Stankus
  • Nathan Ortiz
  • Kelly Kunikane
  • Foster Ducker
  • & David Strauch
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2002 East-West Road

Honolulu, HI  96822

ph: 808.956.4626

fx: 808.956.4075

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