A "Tree Campus USA"

The combination of our beautiful trees, the care that we give them (outlined in our Tree Care Plan), and the participatory events on Arbor Day and other occasions, also qualifies UH Mānoa as a Tree Campus USA, recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of our Campus Arboretum is to

Develop the landscape potential of unique woody flora of the tropics on the UHM campus by serving as a living laboratory for education and research, encouraging use by the broader community, and supporting service activities of the University of Hawai‘i.

Our objectives are

  1. To preserve and care for the trees currently inhabiting the campus landscape.
  2. To preserve and expand the species diversity represented in the campus landscape.
  3. To maintain a succession plan for campus trees.
  4. To continue and to improve the use of the campus as an arboretum for research, teaching and public education.
  5. To increase the extent of the campus tree canopy to achieve aesthetic, design, and environmental benefits.
  6. To celebrate trees through events within the campus arboretum and in the surrounding community.
  7. To provide service learning opportunities for campus constituents.
  8. To maintain documented academic collections over time.
  9. To maintain records of all plants in the campus collection.


Arboretum development is overseen by the Campus Plants Collections Committee (CoCo), and implemented by the department of Buildings and Grounds Management (BGM), which provides the necessary labor and staff, and oversees volunteer plantings and other activities.

BGM maintains records of arboretum trees in our GIS inventory, documenting many attributes of each tree, including species, approximate age, and condition. The inventory links to the permanent vouchered dried-plant, seed, and DNA tissue reference collections maintained at the Joseph F. Rock Herbarium in St.John, which also manages the Hawai‘i Seed Bank, providing a permanent ex situ repository for long-term storage and conservation of seeds for future replanting of species growing on the campus landscape.

The Collections Committee, in partnership with the Landscape Advisory Committee (LAC), University of Hawai‘i Foundation (UHF) and the Office of Planning and Facilities (OPF), is responsible for developing short-term and long-term operational plans for the Campus Arboretum, and adjusting them as needed for integration with the Landscape Master Plan, and the best future for our campus plants.

Poster presented at the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) 2008 Meeting

Contact Us

UH Campus Arboretum

2525 Maile Way

Honolulu, HI  96822

ph: 808.956.8297

fx: 808.956.4075

e: uhmtrees@hawaii.edu

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