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Daily Tasks and Standards

Edging and Grooming

  • Must be completed before Power Mower is scheduled to cut in that area.
  • Must be completed weekly.

Trash Pick Up

  • Area trash must be picked up daily.
  • 55 gallon drums will be picked up by Groundskeepers as provided every Monday and Thursday unless requested additional pick up by supervisor.

Raking and Blowing

  • Must be completed daily if it causes a safety concern.
  • Must be completed weekly in all areas.
  • Sidewalks must be cleared first thing every morning if fruits, flowers or leaves pose slipping hazard.


  • All water sprouts 12’ and below on trees, including trees in medial strips must be removed.
  • Hedges should be trimmed every 3 months or as needed for safety concerns.

Bed Maintenance and Weeding

  • All weeds 2” or higher need to be removed. Note: in most sections this requires the Groundskeeper to be actively pulling weeds, laying cover mulch or applying herbicide for some time everyday in one location or another!
  • All flowering weeds need to be removed immediately and bagged.
  • All crack weeds need to be maintained or an in-house request needs to be on file.


  • All irrigation must be in working order or an in-house work request needs to be on file.

In-House Work Requests

  • All in-house work requests must be submitted by Groundskeeper at the end of each day.