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University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Landscaping

UH Mānoa landscaping is constantly changing the look and feel of the campus environment with the goal of fostering the education and well-being of all those we serve. These changes are often subtle and may go unnoticed, but look below to see some of the projects we have completed, and the impact our work will become truly apparent. We continue to strive to provide the faculty and students of UH Mānoa with a world-class learning environment.

Arbor Day 2011 Tree Giveaway - We Are A Tree Campus USA!

November 4th, 2011 was Arbor Day, and we here at the Landscaping Department decided to celebrate with a tree giveaway and the official debut of our Interactive Map of Campus Trees and Plants. Our student employee Nate Ortiz and our research assistant Austin Stankus have gone above and beyond and created a truly amazing resource both for our department and for the University at large, as it provides a wealth of information to help us maintain our beautiful arboretum and helps us to begin to attach value to one of the campus' most important assets. There are ways that this map can be used that we haven't even dreamed of, so if you have any ideas, PLEASE contact us and we would love to incorporate them into our labor of love.

We spoke with members of the campus community about proper tree care, tree planting techniques, benefits of trees, and the value of some of the historic trees we have here on campus. Our tree care plan was also uploaded to our website so all of our custormers can see how we manage the immense urban forest we have here at UH Mānoa.


Above (From Left to Right): A happy tree recipient poses with Student Employees Nate Ortiz and Austin Stankus, Groundskeeper Alika Kruger, and Nurseryman Dellin Nakatani at our booth in Sustainablity Courtyard on Arbor Day.

Thanks to all those who stopped by and chatted with us, our guys had a great time hanging out with fellow tree huggers and aspiring tree huggers, we'll see you at the next Arbor Day! Until then, keep planting those trees!

Sharrows Project

We are currently installing "Walk Your Ride" signs throughout campus. Keep an eye out for these markers, and kindly dismount your wheels for the safety and comfort of pedestrians on busy walkways.


Groundskeeper Larry Hu pressure washing the site.


Groundskeepers Rolando Ulep and Larry preparing the sign for application.


Larry and Rolando applying the sign.