University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Landscape Services

Our mission at the UH Mānoa landscaping department is to develop the campus grounds into a botanical garden which students and faculty can use as a resource for teaching and learning. Because of our geographical location and a history rich in botanical knowledge, the landscape of this University is unlike no other in the world. Our priceless collection includes over 600 kinds of plants and trees, Historic stands of trees planted by botanist Dr. Joseph Rock himself, endangered native specimens, and one of the largest (if not the largest) Baobab trees in the United States. The natural beauty of this campus is unmatched, and we are charged with being the stewards of this unique land, to ensure that this beauty is preserved for generations to come. Check out this amazing interactive map of our beautiful campus, compiled by our team of student employees. This landscape inventory is a work in progress, so check back often for updates!

The purpose of this site is to improve our relationship with the people we serve. We would like to encourage our faculty and staff to get to know their groundskeeper, converse with them on a daily basis, and feel comfortable addressing them with concerns as well as praise. We are fortunate to have the finest crew of groundskeepers in Hawai'i working for you, and their knowledge and skills are at your service. So if you would like a cutting of that shrub with beautiful flowers blooming outside your office window, you're concerned about a tree that isn't looking so healthy, or you just want to have a nice friendly chat, our grounds staff is here for you. A map can be found here, so just mouse-over the area you are interested in and info on your groundskeeper and contact information will be provided.