Landscape Advisory Committee


The Landscape Advisory Committee functions in a advisory capacity to recommend policy and advise on all aspects relating to plans, proposals, projects and activities in all areas of the UHM campus outdoor environment.

Committee members collectively employ a wide range of academic expertise to help attain high quality in all aspects of the outdoor environment and provides oversight, assessment, and evaluation of all activities that impact this environment.

  • Serves as the primary advocate for the campus of UH Mānoa.
  • Promotes an attractive and appropriate campus environment that encourages and fosters positive academic and social interactions.
  • Evaluates and encourages the functional and aesthetic organization of outdoor spaces and all they include.
  • Reviews existing practices and plans for landscape modifications to promote appropriate design, maintenance of the long-term health of the plants, and the overall development of a landscape that supports the function and sustainability of a major research university.
  • Fosters the adoption of landscape practices that are water and energy efficient.
  • Develops projects that maintain the historic and educational landscape features of the campus.



  • Restoration of the historic Joseph Rock Botanic Collection in Sinclair Grove and the Joseph Rock Palm Garden by Hawai‘i Hall
  • The Mo‘ili‘ili Gateway
  • Bicycle Plan
  • Hamilton Library plaza, steps and grove improvements
  • Campus tree protection policy, including canopy loss compensation
  • Maintenance issues, including staffing, equipment and fragmented jurisdiction
  • Aesthetic quality and relationship to recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff
  • Planting along Correa Road parking lots and Physical Science
  • Sustainability Courtyard
  • Quarry wall stabilization
  • HIG courtyard landscaping
  • Contributions to 2007 update of the Long Range Development Plan
  • Skateboard use policy
  • Historic botanic collection information for the Campus Heritage Report, 2008

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