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[VIDEO] SOEST Open House on Voice of the Sea

The U.H. Manoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) Open House will be featured on the Voice of the Sea episode to be aired this Sunday, May 4, on KFVE at 6pm HST (channels 5 and 1005).  You can also
watch it live online from http://www.k5thehometeam.com/

From the promotion:

In the episode, we visit the SOEST open house to learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, waves, and the sounds of the sea. Meet Garret Apuzen-Ito, Ph.D. and Jonathan Weiss to learn about earthquakes, geophones, and seismic activity. Talk with Jared Marske Ph.D. to learn about volcanos and vulcanology. Then, explore a wave tank and learn about coastal erosion, sediment transport, Bernoulli Principle with Geno Pawlak, Ph.D. Our last stop is the sound lab, where Tom Fedenczuk, Ph.D. shows us how researchers study underwater sound and pressure waves using underwater hydrophones.