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New way to measure if people are pre-diabetic discovered


A panel of markers have been discovered that helps identify if people are pre-diabetic by measuring the fatty acids in their blood. This discovery by University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center researchers may allow physicians to warn patients years before the onset of diabetes, therefore allowing them to change their lifestyle patterns and potentially avoiding the diagnosis of a chronic disease. ...

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Generous donor asks for cure to breast and all other cancers

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center

A donor gifts a total of $100,000 to the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center for cancer research. In the memo section of the bank cashier’s checks was a note with a directive to cure breast cancer. The remitter section was filled as, “God,” and the donor would like to stay anonymous. “This donation, inspired by God, allows UH Cancer Center researchers to ...

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Genetic variants for colorectal cancer identified

gold titanium research

Six genetic variants associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer were identified by University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center researchers as part of a large international collaboration. The discovery will help identify high-risk individuals who should be prioritized for colonoscopy screening, potentially resulting in tumors being found earlier and increased patient survival. Colorectal cancer is more than 90 percent curable ...

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UH Cancer Center awarded $5.5 million to address health disparities among Pacific Islanders

Researchers and staff who contribute to growing cancer health disparities research and outreach.

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center has been awarded a five-year $5.5 million grant to support its ongoing partnership with the University of Guam, addressing cancer health disparities among Pacific Islanders in Hawaiʻi, Guam and neighboring U.S. Associated Pacific Islands. “This award will support research to prevent cervical cancer, oral cancer and other cancers of regional significance,” said Professor Neal ...

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UH researcher’s book addresses, analyzes Ebola epidemic

Felix I. Ikuomola

Felix I. Ikuomola, Liberia’s Physician of the Year in 2006, recounts his real-life experiences with Ebola while analyzing the influences of war, cultural traditions, politics and poverty in the spread of the disease in The Ebola Virus and West Africa: Medical and Sociocultural Aspects. Ikuomola is a researcher at the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center and a PhD candidate at ...

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Metal-based compound shows promise for kidney cancer patients


Researchers, including University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center Professor Joe Ramos, developed a promising metal-based compound that destroys kidney cancer cells, while leaving normal cells unharmed. The findings may provide a new way of treating kidney cancer, opening the potential for more potent and less toxic therapies that would give cancer patients a better quality of life. Kidney cancer is one ...

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$2.7 million grant funds liver cancer prevention study

Wei Jia

University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center researcher Wei Jia has received a five-year $2.7 million grant to study how gut bacteria can damage the liver and eventually promote the development of fibrosis and liver cancer. His study will help researchers design new approaches to preventing liver cancer. Jia, the shared resources director at the UH Cancer Center, received the grant from ...

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Compounds show potential in fighting brain and breast cancers

UH Cancer Center Chief Academic Lead James Turkson

Researchers have discovered two chemical compounds that effectively stop the growth of brain cancer cells and breast tumors, opening the way for potential new drugs to be developed. “It is particularly encouraging for brain tumor patients, who do not currently have effective treatment options besides surgery,” said Dr. James Turkson, chief academic lead of the University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center ...

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Aspirin may delay growth of asbestos-related cancer


Aspirin may inhibit the growth of mesothelioma, an aggressive and deadly asbestos-related cancer, University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center researchers have found. The finding could eventually give doctors and patients a potential new tool to fight against this devastating disease, which kills about 3,200 people a year nationwide, and advance knowledge of how to fight other cancers. The study published in ...

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UH Cancer Center Excellence in Research Award

Wei Jia

Wei Jia, a professor and associate director leading the UH Cancer Center’s Shared Resources Program, won the first quarterly Excellence in Research Award in October 2014 for his team’s work on metabolic biomarkers for a particular form of leukemia. The panel of six biomarkers studied by the team has the potential to become a test that could eventually help increase a patient’s chances of survival. Their paper, “A distinct glucose ...

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