Junwook Chi’s international tourism paper wins award

Junwook Chi
Junwook Chi

University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa School of Travel Industry Management Assistant Professor Junwook Chi received the Best Paper Award at the 2016 Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference in Hong Kong.

His paper, “Asymmetric tourist responses to own- and cross-price changes: Evidence from U.S. tourism demand for the UK, France and Italy,” investigates how tourists from different countries respond to price increases and decreases. For example, the research revealed that Italian visitors are much more sensitive to price decreases than visitors from the United Kingdom and France.

“I am honored and grateful to receive this prestigious award,” said Chi. “I hope it helps build an international reputation of the TIM School and UHM as a strong research institute.”

More on Junwook Chi

Chi’s research and teaching activities at the School of Travel Industry Management are primarily in tourism transportation, transportation economics and applied economics with focuses on air passenger service, demand analysis of transportation system, pricing behavior and price discrimination of the airline industry and regional economic impacts of transportation development.

He teaches introduction to tourism transportation and tourism transportation management.He has published in a number of academic journals including: Transportation Research Part D (Transport and Environment), Transportation Research Part E (Logistic and Transportation Review), Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Journal of Transportation Research Forum, Journal of Air Transport and Management and Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Source: A UH News story